Steven Lakin (DVM/PhD)

NIH pre-doctoral fellow,
Department of Clinical Sciences
Research Gate Profile

Steven joined the Microbial Ecology Group in 2015 while working toward the completion of his PhD in statistics and bioinformatics, where he has focused on the computational and mathematical aspects of metagenomic sequencing analysis. His particular interest is in machine learning for data analysis applications, which integrates high performance computing and a wide variety of statistical methods to further our capabilities as scientists. He is the lead developer of the MEGARes antimicrobial resistance database, a co-developer of the AMR++ analytic software, and has extensive experience with 16S and metagenomic data analysis. Having come to bioinformatics from a non-computational background, Steven places value on teaching introductory programming and data analysis skills in a way that is accessible to those without a background in mathematics or computer science.